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How To License These Amazing Images

You’ve Got Some Readily Available Image Power In licensing one of our images, you would be receiving a digital file containing one of the largest and highest quality photographs available.  Stock photography sites have very limited selections at the resolutions […]

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What Is a High Resolution Wall Mural?

How Large Is The Santa Monica Pier Sunset Image? For comparison, I’ve overlaid a cropped (for shape) image from my iPhone 13 Pro directly onto the full size composition of the Santa Monica Pier. A picture is certainly worth at […]

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What Is High Resolution?

How Big is Big? The concept of megapixels, dpi, and image size are second nature to those of us in the business of working with these concepts on a regular basis. This post will provide some visual aids for understanding […]

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High Resolution Wall Mural Image

Oak Woodlands Wall Mural Installed

Continuing with their effort to bring the feel of the Orange County open spaces into their work trailers, the Irvine Ranch Conservancy contracted me to print and install this image of The Oak Woodlands of Limestone Canyon. The late morning […]

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How Big Can I Print My Own Image

Our good friends at Fotoworks Pro do an excellent job of guiding you through the process of determining the required number pixels for your desired print size.  The blog post features our 455 mpix Shores at Big Sur printed on […]

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Huntington Beach Art Center Presentation

The Huntington Beach Art Center opened the doors on its annual “celebration of creativity and imagination” on Jan 26, 2019. What better event could there be to present my Huntington Beach Pier Sunset in a magnificent 72″ x 35″ framed […]

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