You’ve Got Some Readily Available Image Power

In licensing one of our images, you would be receiving a digital file containing one of the largest and highest quality photographs available.  Stock photography sites have very limited selections at the resolutions found here.  This means that you can produce an exceptional quality wall-sized image at a trade show, or a billboard, or stunning vehicle graphics.

If your task as an interior decorator is to improve the mood and appearance in a commercial location such as a medical facility, hotel, or business office, license one of our images to produce a high quality wall mural and sit back and enjoy the “wows”.

With the variety of options available for print, there’s no limit to what your imagination, some creativity, and a several hundred Megapixel image can produce.

Choose Your Size

While we have the ‘pixel power’ for the largest jobs, you can choose the size that fits your budget and meets your needs.  Keep in mind that these are loose guidelines which are based on the Quality Desired, Distance from the Viewer.  In general:

  • Fine Art Prints – Print these at a minimum of 300dpi.
  • General Purpose Display or Marketing – Print at 150dpi.
  • Wall Mural Prints – These usually involve larger distance viewing, but full file size is best.

Definition: ‘D’ in dpi is ‘Dot’, and originates from printer terminology. It is the same as ‘Pixel’ which is the computer screen equivalent.

To Calculate – Multiply your Printed Size x dpi desired

Example: 66in x 44 print

66 x 300dpi – 19,800 pixels for Fine Art quality.  Half of that for marketing.

Other Considerations

  • If you desire a portion of the image and there are sufficient pixels in that section, just indicate that when checking out.  You will be given exact section crop.
  • The Price is based on the longest side pixel measurement.  Depending on the crop, this might be the Vertical side.
  • If you have a size application, enter it in Crop Size L x W (Optional).  We will crop it such that you receive the full pixel count on your cropped length.

Delivery Of The Image

  • Once we receive your order and instructions the image will be generated.
  • Smaller images will be emailed as an attachment
  • Larger images will be transferred using a DropBox link.
  • Delivery times will range from a few minutes to a few hours.


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