Why I Am Making Such An Unusual Offer

High Resolution Wall Murals are still not known about, or understood by those who would benefit from them. It is going to take some effort to get the word out, and prime the pump, so to speak. In an effort to achieve this I am  offering a 30% sales commission to any individual who takes the initiative to get a mural installed in a facility such as those described below. It can be a place of work, for you, a friend, or family member.   Or it can simply be a location that you have a contact with.  I’m sitting on a treasure trove of unbelievable high resolution images, yet it has been difficult to get the word out.  You can help.  This opportunity will be available for a very limited time.

Here Are Some Numbers

Let’s take the example that you convince your boss at the office to purchase and install a 20′ x 10′ medium sized wall mural printed on pre-pasted paper .  During this promotion, you would receive a 30% commission on the pre-tax price of $1,572.00. That is a payment of $471, simply for getting someone you know to install a mural.  Perhaps you might know several places that could use a wall mural of this quality?

Where Should Wall Murals Be Installed


Every hospital in the country should have wall murals throughout the building. There are thousands of medical facilities—not anyone’s favorite place to visit, that could improve moral by displaying these amazing images in large size in the miles of hallways and cafeteria walls. If you have a connection to such a facility, this is likely a very easy sale.


Again, huge blank hallways, auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, etc. These murals are spectacular at the large print sizes the high resolution image affords. Why not provide something uplifting for the students? If you are a teacher, administrator, or otherwise involved in education at the grade school, high school, or college level, you very likely have an easy sale in front of you, just by showing the correct person this website.

Business Offices

How many thousands of miles of blank walls are in company offices throughout the country. Wall murals are a very affordable method of decorating these miles of blank canvas with something attractive.


Wouldn’t most businesses benefit from something attractive on the otherwise sterile walls? A company like REI gets it. Walk into any one of their stores and you will see a wall mural behind the counter. Unfortunately I have never been able to reach the appropriate person in charge there to let them know that higher resolution alternatives are available to them…but I’m still trying.

Health Clubs

What could be more inspiring to a great workout than a beautiful high resolution image to make one feel as if they are enjoying the great outdoors.

Why Are There Not More High Resolution Wall Murals Installed?

The answer is simple. Almost nobody has seen a high resolution wall mural in person, and therefore has no idea how sharp and clear the images are in very large print sizes. My post, What Is A High Resolution Wall Mural illustrates it to some degree, as does my discussion on What High Resolution Means.

It is very difficult to illustrate the impact of these high resolution images via a website. It isn’t very easy to visualize what can be done, when your sales tools are a computer screen or phone. My goal with the offer is to put dozens of actual life sized murals in front of people, so that we can start some momentum towards the very worthwhile goal of making public places become more enjoyable, and look stunningly better.

The Commission Plan

• Any motivated individual will receive a 30% commission on any wall mural sale of my images that they are responsible for. That is essentially the bulk of the profit margin, distributed to the sales person while this promotion is active. It’s a huge commission!

• The offer of 30% commission on wall mural sales while this offer is in effect.

• Since the goal is to reach as many new customers as possible, the first 2 murals per location qualify for this promotional commission rate. Payouts on subsequent installations at the same facility are 15%.

A Few Terms

• Once the mural has been shipped, the commissions will be paid to the first individual that has provided proof of the lead. Simply email me the contact you sold it to and a desired method of payment. (Check, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, etc.)

• All murals must be shipped to the commercial address where they will be installed.

• This offer is not valid for professional salesman or designers.

How to Place The Order

  1. Have your client choose a desired image from the Jim Tarpo Photography Portfolio.
  2. Look for the button To Price And Order This Image. Click the button and complete the checkout procedure on my Fluorescent Gallery decorative light panels website. This is my Ecommerce business where the transaction can be processed.
  3. Here’s a link to an image you can experiment with:
    Feel free play with different sizes of the wall mural below to get an idea of the possible commissions.


This is perhaps an unusually creative technique to drive sales, but I believe it is brilliantly simple. If you are able to make a sale because of an ability to reach a client that I can’t, you should be paid. It doesn’t require a sales degree or training. Just talk to your boss, friend, business partner, etc.

If this seems interesting, take action now while I am offering insane commissions for simple word of mouth sales.  It would not be feasible to extend this offer indefinitely.  If you are so inclined, please hit the share button(s) below.

And of course you can contact me.

Let’s get started!

Jim Tarpo

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