I think this is the best image for your gallery but 60×24 would be as small as it could go because it needs some height to see the detail. It’s an excellent image that I wouldn’t mind having, should it not sell in your gallery.
This image has been cropped for a 50×24. This is a new one that I like quite a bit, but you’ll have to decide if you want more “Zion” in the gallery. I cropped a fair amount from the sides on this one. If you think it’s worth printing and you have more width available, let me know.
At 60 x 24 I also like this Laguna Beach image quite a bit, but to get it to 24″ tall it has to be 60″ wide, jsame size as the Huntington Pier image.
This is a nice image of Real Del Mar Mexico Could be a candidate for print. This is a 45×24 crop.
This is a reasonably sized (55×26) crop of the metal print that I showed you. I’m personally not qualified to judge whether this is still a good representation of the scene because I’ve spent too much time seeing the whole thing. I would value your opinion on this.