This panoramic view of Boston was taken from the very end of Long Warf. It took some time for the crowd to dissipate, which provided me the opportunity to capture a peacefully desolate vibe of this beautiful city.  I did, however, have to sacrifice some quality family time on this night. Recognizing the splendor of the vantage point, I was persistent and patient. This meant that my companions on the shoot (sorry, Vince and Heidi) not only had to delay their dinner, but almost didn’t get one at all.  By the time I had packed up the gear and lugged it across town to our preferred restaurant, the line was fifteen deep out the front door.  Those who have seen Boston’s north side on a weekend know that we were going to be lucky at this point to get as much as a bag of pretzels for dinner. After several failed attempts at other restaurants, we were thrilled to be able to get some fish and chips on the patio of one restaurant minutes before the kitchen closed.

Between shooting these compositions, I caught a few nice shots of the planes taking off from Boston Harbor.  You can see them below, along with a few other interesting photos taken that day.


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Boston – Long Warf View 2690

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