This was taken from the balcony in the east tower of the Cosmopolitan in Sept. of 2016. Besides being a fantastic hotel, it has one of the best views available of the the strip in Las Vegas.   All of the major attractions are in perfect view, including the amazing Bellagio fountain, Caesar’s Palace, and the Paris hotel’s Eifel Tower and signature balloon.  This image placed 2nd in the Fusion Art Citiscapes 2018 contest.

This was one of the more complex panoramic compositions I have put together.  There were a lot of moving parts down there. Everything was flashing, the sun was setting, the fountain required a slightly faster shutter speed than the rest of the image. Since I wanted something monstrous in size (thus an 85mm lens), it required a total of 33 images to get the job done.  For some perspective, the image is  roughly ten times the width of the viewing area of a 4K television. The huge browsing image above had to be downsized from 40,476 to 16,000px to get the viewer to work, but still shows incredible detail.


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Las Vegas Strip at the Cosmopolitan

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Image Dimensions

Width (pix) Height (pix) Size (Mpix) Aspect Ratio
40,476 18,894 764.8 2.1
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