From the vantage point of Kenneth Hahn state recreation area, I captured this quite expansive view of Los Angeles.  This image is specifically targeted to either a very long wall mural application, or as a source from which to crop specific areas for more traditional sized prints.  Don’t be mislead by the aspect ratio, as it is over 13,000 pixels tall. That provides a very high resolution image for the area of your choice.  Though the Zoom Viewer image provides good detail, it has been limited to 1/6 the size of the actual image due to it’s length.

Here are a couple of crops that show the detail at 100% size.
LA Basin Panorama 4016 – Downtown
LA Basin Panorama 4016 – Hollywood


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LA Basin Panorama 4016

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Image Dimensions

Width (pix) Height (pix) Size (Mpix) Aspect Ratio
96,053 13,377 1,284.9 7.2

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