Heading south on Hwy 101 past Pismo Beach after a weekend in central California I caught a glimpse of something interesting along the coast.  the view was mostly blocked by trees but I felt that it was worth a quick look and exited immediately at Price street and backtracked north a bit.  This was not a “photographing trip” but as always I did have my gear. It was soon obvious to me that I’d be a bit late getting home.   This composition captures the fantastic detail of this obviously quite popular rock formation just off the coast.  With the many seabirds blanketing the entire surface, and the pelicans swarming about, the show that these flying creatures put on at this location is the best that I’ve personally witnessed here on the west coast.   I’m pretty thrilled any time I’m walking along the coast and group of pelicans are gliding in perfect formation right over my head, but at this location the action was continuous.  In the future I’ll have to stop here every time I’m passing through.

I’ve included an additional gallery of images that further capture the action.


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Pelican Rock – Shell Beach

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