This is one of my favorite images. I had attempted to acquire a wall mural sized assembly of it but there was one area of the scene that simply wasn’t focused as sharp as it needed to be for a huge print.

I was at least fortunate enough to capture this single shot. I’m not sure where that beautiful flare from the light came from because there was only a hint of it on all of the other attempts made to catch it. This is not my highest resolution photograph, but one of the better compositions in my portfolio.  It was just a fabulous morning when I took it.  I recall trying to get a bowl of granola cereal down for breakfast while making sure that I didn’t miss the perfect light of the sunrise.   Interestingly it came out of the camera having a slight resemblance of a watercolor, or painting.

The image makes for a very nice print on canvas.

Point Sur Lighthouse

Image Dimensions

Width (pix) Height (pix) Size (Mpix) Aspect Ratio
7,360 4,654 34.3 1.6
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