The famous Santa Monica Pier had been on my radar for some time. I was waiting for a few things to fall into place. I wanted it on a clear day with an interesting sky, which we get quite regularly in the winter months. More of a bonus, was not having to make a special trip of 1.5 hrs. in Los Angeles traffic to get the shot. Since I happened to be on my way down from central California, it was an easy stop along the way.

I took several variations of this wonderful viewpoint of the pier as the sun was setting. Since each version requires dozens of images, there were several hundred to sort through, all with different apertures, ISO, and Focal Length settings.

Since these Hi-Res compositions take many hours or days to assemble and a few hours just to evaluate, I decided to start with the last set of images since the sky and amusement park looked compelling in the individual exposures. I thought it might be the easiest set to assemble, but obviously was wrong about that. (View the Sunset version here)

Interestingly, you never know what you’ll wind up with as a final product in this type of photography until quite a lot of work is put in. Sometimes you are quite satisfied with the result, and other times you are completely thrilled and amazed at what you’ve pulled off. That is the case with this one.


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Santa Monica Pier at Night

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