I confess, this might be one of those times where I photographed an insanely large image just because I could. And OK, maybe I have an abnormally healthy (??) fascination with red rock walls, but in my defense I’ve been many places out west and never had such a fantastic (close and elevated) vantage point with incredible light to fully capture the innate beauty of one of these walls. You’ll find this monster right at the top of the walkway leading into the Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ. That means I was actually able to get this 2,000 megapixel image without having to navigate any grueling or marginally dangerous hiking trails.  It was cold and windy but I wasn’t leaving without every square inch of this thing in my camera’s memory card.

Perhaps I grabbed this composition because every time I’m in an REI store and see that 20ft. low resolution rock wall mural behind the counter, I feel that something must be done about it.  What I do know is that even my website cannot show anywhere close to the full detail of this image so I have added a few actual size cropped images to the gallery. The main image in the viewer is still decent but it had to be downsized by a factor of 5.


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Huge Sedona Red Rock Wall

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Image Dimensions

Width (pix) Height (pix) Size (Mpix) Aspect Ratio
63,836 33,286 2,124.8 1.9
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