Sometimes you come away with an image that is different than what was planned. I had made my way up Airport Rd. in Sedona to the overlook in an effort to catch what was looking to be an pretty good sunset. There was a long line of cars waiting to pay and enter the parking area so I figured this HAS to be the place.

Once I had left my car at the Sedona Airport Overlook and made my way through the crowd of people something didn’t seem right. It was quickly clear to me that the sun was setting much to far to the left of our vantage point to get a meaningful photograph. That was unfortunate because it was in fact a stunning sunset.

Putting my disappointment aside, I stayed tuned into the view in front of me. At a point just after the sun was gone, it was clear that the lights of Sedona would provide the perfect glow in a longer exposure shot of the city. It was a spectacular vantage point with Thunder Mountain, Coffeepot Rock and Chimney Rock providing the stunning red rock background to the bustling town below.


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Sedona Night

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